Computer Stuff

It's been a long time since I was playing around with DOS 2.11 on my IBM XT. Over the years I have amassed an incredible amount of computer stuff, from keyboards and mice to big screens and crazy cases. I'll be reviewing some of that stuff so if you wanna buy, try it here before you do and make sure it does what you expect.

Gadgets and Gizmos

We all love gadgets Tablets, smartphones, GPS units, walkie talkies, fitness monitors, the list goes on. I'm a sucker for buying gadgets, even some I don't really see myself needing, it's a sickness but one you can exploit to your advantage. Get the heads up on what you want before you part with the hard earned.

Audio Visual

I bought my first DVD player back in 1998, a cool $1200 it was back then, but even on my fisheyed 40" CRT Panasonic TV it looked great, it sounded even better through the Dolby surround amp. Little did I know that was the start of a zany dollar draining adventure that I'm still on, read about my AV gear here.

Travel and Leisure

I'm fortunate enough to have travelled a reasonable amount and I can see more travel planned for the future. During my travels I've been on a big mix of airlines in different classes at different times on different routes. Here I'll be telling you what I think of my experience, and yes it'll be more than just food ranting.


My first gaming console was a Nintendo Family Computer straight from HongKong, I think Dad bought me this one because it had the word 'Computer' rather than 'Entertainment' in it, but it was still pure gaming heaven. I buy consoles, all of them, I tire of them quickly but I'll still be telling you what I think before the dust settles.

Random Gear

There's alot of other stuff I have which can't be categorised into the above. I do buy alot of random stuff, so here you'll see some of that random stuff I think is worthy writing about. Who knows you may like the stuff so much that you go out and randomise yourself, it's unlikely but you never know. No requests please!


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