Volvo 242

A sport model with race suspension and a high-compression engine. All US models were Mystic Silver Metallic with black and red racing stripes going from the hood to the side to the trunk. Special black corduroy interior with red stripes. Canadian models were available in black with red pinstripes along the side of the car, in addition to the US model silver.

Volvo C70

The Volvo C70 is an automobile which was manufactured by Volvo Cars in two generations between 1997 and 2013. The first generation was produced for model years 1997 to 2002 as a coupé and from 1999 to 2006 as a softtop convertible. The second generation C70 was produced from 2006 to 2013 and marketed as a luxury retractable hardtop convertible.

Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 is an all-weather version of the now-discontinued V70 midsize wagon that boasts all-wheel drive as well as increased ground clearance and SUV-like styling cues. The latter two features are mostly for show, however, as the XC70 has never had much in the way of serious off-road hardware. But we'll do doing everything we can to get it there!

Volvo XC70 MY08

I loved the Volvo XC70 so much I bought another one in 2011! The upgraded looks on the MY08 XC70 still look great, even 10 years down the track in 2018. Admittedly no serious modifications have happened to this car... yet, but it'll remain in the collection for a while so perhaps something down the line is in order. Or it'll be swapped for the same shape only newer.

Lexus LS400

As much as we'd like it to be, it's not all about Volvos. The amazing Lexus LS400 propelled Toyota into the luxury car segment back in the early 90s. I've always loved the long, solid look of this car so when the opportunity came up to pick one up I jumped on it. A beautiful car to drive and with almost 200k on the clock everything was still silky smooth.

Volvo S40

The Volvo S40 was my first internationally owned Volvo. Bought in Dubai it was a tough beast that held it's own on the very challenging roads and sometimes drivers in this and other emirates! It's in line for some minor upgrades that we'll document here as they happen. At the moment though she's enjoying semi-retirement in the desert!

BMW X5 XDrive 50i

At the time this was by far the fastest car I'd ever owned, a thumping twin turbo 4.4L German V8 launched this SUV from 0 - 100 in about 5 seconds, with all the options and even the M kit the car was incredible to drive, that is until the injectors started playing up. A pure driving pleasure turned in to a hellish nightmare that the local dealer only sought to cash in on. My first BMW has nearly put me off them for good.

Infiniti G37

The car of choice for poshy hoons. Although trying to be, not quite Lexus quality, the luxury Nissan was definitely quick, and had a heap of options to boot. Often the envy of the G25 or G35 driver, the surprisingly rare pure breed GCC spec G37 was a refined car to drive that could get you out of trouble with whiplash potential acceleration, the BOSE sound system wasn't quite as good as you'd expect though.

Volvo S60 Polestar

And we're back to Volvo! With the stunningly striking and bone chillingly fast Polestar edition of the S60. This S60 is a 2016 model, the last of the meaty sounding 3.0L 6 cylinder variant. It's a truly beautiful car that sadly is abused on the poor roads in some sections here. Low profile tyres, sports suspension and overall sporty dynamic of the car makes it less enjoyable than it should be on all but the best of roads.

Dodge RAM 5.7L Hemi

People always said driving Volvos was like driving a truck, so I thought I'd put that to the test with the massive Dodge RAM, this beast is the Longhorn edition and has pretty much all the options you would not expect in a pick up truck, that coupled with the 5.7L Hemi makes for quite the experience, both on and off road. Thing is, ppl were wrong, this aint nothing like driving a Volvo.


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