Seawings Dubai - The best way to see Dubai!

For my birthday this year we saw Dubai via Seaplane! Check out the video made by Yatics on youtube.

Luckily the day had cleared up from the last few foggy ones.

Posted Jan 2018

Quad biking - Beats camels for travesing the desert

A morning quad biking followed by a bit of desert duning, perfect way to start the day.

Just don't think you're gonna be doing anything else to hectic for the rest of the day.

Posted Jan 2018

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As I'm sure you've worked out by now I have lots of crap to say, and sometimes it doesn't fit nicely into an area on the site, so over here I'll be putting up my thoughts on random stuff. Mainly it'll be stuff that happens to me, bothers me (or both), interesting things I find on the interweb, where I've been and what I did. I have a feeling this is more for me to look back rather than for anyone else!

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