• CockFighting
    Are you sick and tired of trying to decide from column A or column B when it comes to chicken? All chicken disputes will be put to rest, watch the chickens battle!

  • AirLine Food Log
    A blog that's specifically on food served on little trays nearly 10kms in the sky, we've got pics from nearly 10 airlines, so put ur seat back upright and tray table down!

  • The Hamburger Hunt
    Like the salivating dogs that you are your thirst for burgers mercilessly reviewed are about to be quenched, we'll be revisiting some old haunts and new, so stay tuned!


Homer Rubiks Puzzle

What more do you need to know? Go get one now! Or read the review, see how something simple can be so complicated and watch the you tube video to see Paul struggle after being so sure he could do it.


Stone water from Japan

Drinking water is apparently pretty good for you. Drinking mineral water is supposed to be even better, now you can make your own mineral water right at home with this kit straight from Japan!


Snack Attack!

After many requests and long nights thinking about it, I've decided to start reviewing snacks. I love em, you love em, but find out which ones you should be loving the most in my short, concise write ups


What really happened at Tech Ed 2005?

Yes it's almost 10 years ago since, and the files have just been de-classified. Get the straight dope on what exactly went down at Microsoft Tech Ed 2005 on the Gold Coast. Be warned though you cannot forget what you're about to read.

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  • XBOX 360 vs Playstation III. The clash of the titans, yes the XBOX one is out now and so is the PS4 but until I get them this review will have to do!

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  • There can only be one winner, which will it be? Blue or Brown? Red or Yellow? Definitely won't be Green... or will it? Only one way to find out.

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  • Click here to get the latest and greats hacks to torment other 'n00bs' online. After all, gaming, particularly on the internet was made to make other suffer!

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Petrina Bakes

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